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As a recipient of a Masters in Illustration you get the opportunity to use my artist's brain to make you look good!

I am a concierge gift consultant and illustrator. 


I love finding the need and working in partnership with my clients to create a perfect gift or image and then create the beautiful polished finish for delivery. 


Some of my favorite moments are personally delivering the finished product to the client (and sometimes I have the privilege of delivering it to the recipient) and just seeing the joy and gratitude is so wonderful! 


And to be able to help my family financially while delivering joy is truly extraordinary. 

Concierge Gift Consultation and production & Custom Illustration. Providing a completely custom experience from the original conversations birthing and fleshing out the gift concept, to completing all or most of the purchases, and creating the final presentation to be given to the recipient. On the illustration side: provide an easy and interactive experience from conversations creating the initial concepts to the final hands on completion and any required digital polishing.

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